Verner Finlay

In 1993 Verner Finlay staged his first solo exhibition in a local hotel and began painting full time. He was awarded an ‘L.E.D.U. Artrepreneur Award’ in 1995 and since has not looked back. Over the years Verner’s reputation as an artist has grown. He has had many sell-out exhibitions and steadily increased in popularity among both critics and collectors alike.

Verner travels on his motorbike throughout the North and South of Ireland to photograph landscapes for his paintings before returning to his studio to paint in his unique style.

He is a traditional landscape painter with a modern twist creating a style that can truly be called his own. The scenes Verner paints are built up in layers, first with brushes and then reworked with a flat plastic card. This method is used in all his works whether landscape or still life, creating a balance between colour, line and structure.